Direction signs for events and advertisements on vehicles cars

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Direction signs for events It is stipulated that the advertisement or publicity does not change the vehicle’s shape, hide its features, or affect traffic safety.

These are the billboards that are erected on the sides of highways, whether inside or outside the urban area, and the following are required:

  1. Locating the billboards in coordination with the concerned department.
  2. Comply with the conditions approved by the administration.
  3. The location of the board should be in a position that allows the message written on it to be read at an appropriate angle and distance.
  4. The billboards should not be located on curves.
  5. The location of the billboards shall not affect the safety of the road and its users.

Direction signs for events

You can put a sign on the highway and the streets of different cities and regions; it requires:

  • The plate bounces off the right-of-way by at least a meter.
  • The height of the board shall not be more than 5 meters.
  • The boarding area shall not be less than 0.6 square meters.

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Direction signs for events and warning signs

Direction signs for events

Direction signs for events

They are temporary or permanent panels; public utility departments or construction companies make these signs to warn of dangers or dangerous situations, including discussions that indicate underground cables or the like.

Direction signs for events on buildings

Sign specifications:

  1. The carriers and their inclusions are not less than one meter away from the frontage of the building located on the road or from the building line.
  2. The advertisement’s design, installation, and installation shall be by the technical principles and safety requirements and shall not result in any damage.


Direction signs for events blocking cases

Direction signs for events

Direction signs for events

You cannot put a sign in places if:

  • Archaeological buildings.
  • also, Memorials or media are erected on land designated for public use, parks, sidewalks and fences, and trees.
  • I am writing and engraving on rocks and other manifestations of the natural environment.

You cannot place signs in the following areas::

  1. It contradicts the laws and regulations in force in the country.
  2. also, Contrary to public order and morals.
  3. Not clean and in dilapidated condition.
  4. also, They are not firmly and safely installed in the building, structure, or ground.
  5. They hurt drivers due to their interference or conflict with traffic signals and signs.

Technical conditions for Direction signs for events

    Direction signs for events Direction signs for events
  1. firstly Obtain Obtain from the municipality for various types of advertising boards
  2. and approve the initial billboard designs, colors, and materials used.
  3. also, secoSecondlye commitment of the advertiser to periodic maintenance, repair faults, and damage resulting from traffic accidents
  4. and natural factors, remove the resulting waste and ensure the safety of electrical installations.
  5. also, Thirdly Advertisements do not obstruct traffic or block visibility on public roads and pedestrian sidewalks.
  6. Fourthly The materials used in the manufacture of billboards should not be combustible,
  7. and the panels installed on the roofs should not be less than 1020 m above the top.

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