Directional Signs with Arrows on the main streets

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Do you take into account the technical conditions and safety standards? Directional Signs with Arrows have become an integral part of the public road environment in most countries of the world. Besides their economic, educational and guiding importance,

they also include aesthetic dimensions that have a positive psychological impact on road pedestrians, car riders, or pedestrians who find advertisements on the sides of the roads or the roofs of buildings.

And public parks have a lot of artistic, aesthetic, and creative touches that are pleasing to look at.


Directional Signs with Arrows

Banner or advertisement means any board, structure, fence, place, or means of advertisement for directing advertisement on it, in writing, engraving, lettering, or drawing, whether that banner is self-contained or part of a facility.

But the question remains, do all Directional Signs with Arrows take into account moral standards and social taste and Whatever you can put in the public while adhering to the conditions of safety and security:

the great attention that the competent authorities should pay to those advertisements to achieve the highest positive value.

Here are some types of Directional Signs with Arrows and international specifications approved in this field.

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Directional Signs with Arrows squares boards


Directional Signs with Arrows

Directional Signs with Arrows

It means the panels that you must install in the ground or on the body of the earth or meetings that are erected on the foundation provided that no part of them is connected to any part of a building,

facility or another panel, and they are of two types:


Billboards and advertisements installed on the median sidewalks: These billboards are only allowed near traffic lights, and the following are required:

  1. Recoil from the light signal by at least 9 meters.
  2. Backtracking from the edges of the sidewalk by no less than 60 m.
  3. Do not light the sign directly on the road.


The billboards and advertisements installed on the side sidewalks,

They are allowed to be placed on the commercial sidewalks only, provided that the following are required:

  • The width of the sidewalk shall not be less than 6 meters (the building setback).
  • The total height of the board shall not be more than 1.2 meters.
  • She is backtracking from the road boundary by at least 1.5 meters.
  • The distance between the billboard and the other is not less than 20 meters.
  • Advertisements do not impede the movement of pedestrians on the sidewalks.
  • Do not light the sign directly on the road.

Advertising and Directional Signs with Arrows

Directional Signs with Arrows

Directional Signs with Arrows

It is a temporary means used to advertise or promote a special occasion. You can choose a balloon with certain specifications, as we bring a balloon that we can inflate with air by mechanical means only,

There are certain conditions that you must meet:

  1. Use a balloon in one place to announce an event, opening, or trading, and you can use another moving balloon that provides the same advertisement.
  2. Coordination with the competent authority (civil aviation…) to obtain its approval before licensing the advertisement.

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